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How to Load CashApp using Huntington Bank logs (7 quick steps)

Requirements loading CashApp using huntington bank logs

History-backed verified CashApp account (when buying a CashApp account, make sure you get email access, routing information, and an account number attached.)

Access to the Huntington Bank’s email log

How to load CashApp using Huntington Bank logs

Step 1

Use the email you received with the request access code to log into the purchased CashApp account, then enter the code to proceed.

Step 2

Choose a bank account and input your account number and routing number to prove your identification.

Get the account and routing numbers for Cashapp.

Step 3

Log in to the bank and verify your identification with the code supplied in your email.

Step 5

Click on Payments. select “bill pay” and then “add payee.”

Step 6

Fill out your cashapp account information (routing number, account number, and checking type).

Step 7

select individuals or companies to pay. Enter the amount to be transferred, then confirm payment.

After two business days, money will appear on the cashapp account, and you can use it to purchase bitcoins.

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