How to Bypass Cash App Verification – 100% working method

Lets jump right to how to bypass cash app verification without wasting time!

1. First and foremost, you must be acquainted with someone who has a “verified CashApp” (a parent, sibling, or friend will do), and their account must have had transactions for at least “3-4 months” in order for CashApp to avoid quickly closing the account and turning it negative. You understand what we mean. This is required to get around the verification process so you won’t be prompted to confirm your CashApp account.

2. Next, click here and purchase any card that costs “$25 or above” and includes a person’s “full information” (name, address, etc.). This card will be used to register for CashApp so that you can send the money to the account required in step 1 by sending it to the CashApp account.

How to bypass cash app verification working method

3. After purchasing the card you intend to use, enter all of the same information to register with a new CashApp. However, you must do this while using an Android or iPhone with a VPN installed so that CashApp cannot determine that the payments are coming from the same IP address.

4. Congratulations on making it this far! Once you’ve activated the CashApp, sign up for a cash card and send it to the address where you want it to arrive so you can go straight to the ATM and get the cashout. However, keep in mind that the CashApp ATM has a $1,000 weekly limit; in the following step, you’ll learn how to get around this restriction and “get $4,000 every 24 hours” instead.

#5. Now that you’ve received your CashApp card in the mail, follow these simple instructions to start earning $4,000 every day instead of $1,000 each week (Money Order Method). Go to the customer service desk or the area that handles money orders at your neighbourhood Kroger, Ralph’s, Walmart, or any other retailer that accepts debit cards in place of cash.

Say, “I would like to get (2) $1,000 money orders, please,” as you approach the counter. The clerk will then ask you to enter your debit card information and the information for the CashApp card you received in the mail (in step  4), as well as the pin.

The clerk will then print the money orders before you move on to the next store and repeat the process there every day until the account is locked, at which point you must start from scratch.

Please keep in mind that it only costs $4,000 per 24 hours. Four $1,000 money orders totaling $2,000 from each location.

#6. Take the money orders you obtained from the shops to a nearby check cashing business that will cash them out for cash.

When you know what to do and have the courage to execute it, it really is that easy!

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